The Autococker is a pretty nifty paintgun in that every single part of it is replaceable with a cosmetic or performance upgrade. You can build an Autococker entirely from aftermarket parts, never having to so much as touch a stock component.

The following sections list and detail all of the modifications and upgrades that I'm familiar with. Undoubtedly there are several ommissions that I either don't know of or don't have enough experience with to feel comfortable commenting on. You will find most of the popular and important options current as of this writing.

Critical upgrades: As I mentioned earlier, the stock Autococker is actually pretty good now. There used to be two modifications which I considered to be critical. You pretty much had to add these before your 'cocker would function reliably over the long term. The first one was a ball detent which you need to prevent double feeding and ball chopping. A ball-bearing style detent is now included as standard equipment on all Autocockers, so unless you have an old Autococker (pre-'96), you don't need to worry about this one. The other was a threaded timing rod - stock equipment as of the 1999 model. The old stock timing rod slipped out of time very easily since it's only retained by a small set screw which had a tendency to back out at the most inconvenient times. A threaded timing rod actually screws into the collar so even if the set screw loosens it won't back out and put the 'gun out of time.

An important note about upgrading: Probably the most common question I'm asked is "what should I upgrade on my Autococker first?" I can't answer that question. The stock Autococker works just fine now, so there really isn't anything that should be upgraded for more reliable performance. Where you go from here depends on you. My recommendation is to play with the stock Autococker for a little while until you get a good feel for it. Then you'll know what you want to improve about the 'gun. At that point, upgrade to specifically address those things you want improved. Don't just buy parts because someone else tells you that you "need" them.

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