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Warped Sportz Macro-Line

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Warped Sportz's Macro-Line

Just about everyone knows about Micro-line. It’s the cool, thin, flexible hose that slip-fits into its end fittings and can be easily trimmed to whatever length you like. It is so popular that it comes as stock equipment with all Angels. Only two things reign in its popularity. First is its relatively small inner diameter, making it too restrictive for some low pressure ’guns. Second is its relative fragility. Many people don’t seem to realize that Micro-line has a safe operating pressure of only 350 psi. Almost nobody runs 350 psi or below through their lines, resulting in relatively frequent blow-outs. It is fortunate that the hose is so inexpensive and easy to replace.

Warped Sportz is now offering Macro-line; a cool new product that seeks to retain Micro-line’s cool features while correcting its two major problems.


For those of you who know what Micro-line is, Macro-line is the same, just bigger. You get two stainless steel end-fittings: one 90° elbow and one straight fitting. To install the line, you just shove the loose end of the plastic hose into the fitting and then give it a tug back out to seat it tightly in place. Under pressure, the hose is sealed and locked firmly into the fitting. To disconnect the tube, depressurize the line, shove the tube into the fitting, hold the outside edge of the fitting back, and pull the hose out. It’s all quite simple. In one nifty extra feature, the straight fitting is hex-cut both inside and out so you can use either an adjustable wrench outside or an allen wrench down its middle to screw it tightly into place.

The hose itself is a tough plastic tube made by Parker that you can easily trim with a pocket knife to whatever length suits your needs. The standard kit comes with 12" of hose. The hose is available in a variety of colors (blue, red, yellow, green, black) for the fashion-conscious.

When compared to Micro-line, Macro-line doubles it in just about all dimensions. Most importantly is the inner diameter, which is about double the inner diameter of Micro-line. This means that it is much freer flowing. How much more? Any engineer or cardiovascular physiologist could tell you that the Poiseuille equation states that flow is a 4th power function of a tube’s inner diameter. This means that a tube with double the inner diameter will allow sixteen times more flow with the same pressure difference across the tube! That’s a big improvement that should please the low pressure, high-volume crowd.

On the durability front, Macro-line tubing is considerably stronger than Micro-line. New Macro-line’s burst pressure is 2000 psi. That means that it is rated to a safe operating pressure of 500 psi; 150 psi more than Micro-line, but still far below the thousands of pounds that steel braid is rated to accept. It is very important to realize that the safe operating pressure is 500 psi, not 2000. New hose bursts at 2000 psi, but hose ages with time and use. One product of this aging process is that the tube weakens significantly. If you want to ensure long-term reliability, run it at or below 500 psi. You can probably get away with running it higher (Warped Sportz actually uses it with unregulated CO2 in some applications), but if it blows out and someone is injured, you have no case against either Parker or Warped Sportz.

Design/Construction rating [3.5]


I’ve used Macro-line on a low pressure Autococker (250 psi), a Dark Angel (450 psi), and a second Autococker where I ran 700 psi to a secondary regulator. I had no problems with starvation in any of the applications. The hose has also not shown any signs of failure, even when ran up to 700 psi.

Performance rating [4]


I’ve found it very easy to trim the hose to any length necessary and twist it to fit any configuration or application. It’s not quite as flexible as Micro-line, but it is far more flexible and easy to fit than steel-braid. Like Micro-line, Macro-line makes it exceptionally easy to run your hoses exactly the way you want.

Versatility rating [4]


A Macro-line kit with 2 fittings and 12" of hose will run you $18. Extra hose will run you $3.95 per foot. At this price, Macro-line is much less expensive than standard hose and inexpensive to replace if you run it too high and blow it out. In fact, the warranty is such that if it does leak or break, they’ll replace it for free.

Price/Warranty rating [4]

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