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P&P .45 frame for the Autococker

© Ravi Chopra, 1998

45-style grip-frames have become extremely popular upgrades for the Autococker due to the improved feel (for most people), smoother trigger action, and pre-drilled and tapped holes for various set screws commonly installed when trigger-jobs are done. Right now there are no fewer than five companies manufacturing .45-style grip frames for the Autococker. The only company that does this quietly, doesn’t advertise, and doesn’t engrave their name in the side of the frame is P&P Paintball, best known for their SuperCocker and sponsor of World Cup Am. A champs, Detroit Fusion. Though P&P is not well known for their aftermarket parts, they do have an excellent pedigree. Both P&P and Bad Boyz Toyz install these frames in all of their top-end Autocockers.


The P&P .45 Autococker frame has essentially the same appearance as every other .45 frame on the market. It is drilled and tapped for all of the standard Autococker trigger components, including the largely vestigial holes for the safety, which is almost never installed. Naturally, WGP standard holes are drilled and tapped into the bottom of the frame for bottom-line mounts. It can also take any standard .45 frame compatible grips, including those made by Hogue and Smart Parts. These aspects are the same in every .45 frame on the market.

What gives this frame an edge over the competition are the holes drilled and tapped for trigger-guides and a trigger-stop. The standard trigger-stop hole is drilled and tapped right behind the slot where the trigger return-spring sits. What is really unusual is that this frame offers not one, but two trigger-guide screws.

Everyone is accustomed to seeing a front guide screw installed vertically below the front of the trigger plate, lifting and eliminating vertical slop at the front of the trigger. What most people forget is that the back of the trigger plate is still free to move up and down. As this is where the sear rides, small movements up and down can change the point in the trigger pull where the sear releases the hammer. This can cause timing problems in Autocockers that have very closely timed triggers. It can also cause binding in triggers with double-finger trigger shoes. Danny Love was the first to correct this problem by bending up the back of the trigger plate to take up this slack. Cesare came up with a more elegant solution to this problem. He drills and taps a hole for a set screw to lift the back of the trigger plate. With both guide screws installed and properly adjusted you can have a trigger with absolutely no vertical or rotational slack whatsoever.

There’s a big advantage to having an Autococker airsmith designing aftermarket Autococker components; the guide screws are perfectly located and avoid common pitfalls that others fall into when installing them themselves. Too often I’ve seen guide screws installed so far back that the front of the trigger plate can actually drop off the front edge of the screw, allowing vertical slack and sometimes causing the trigger to bind forward. The same thing can happen at the back of the trigger if the rear guide screw is not properly placed. Both of these screws are correctly located in the P&P frame such that the trigger plate is in contact with both screws throughout its range of motion.

Design rating [4]


P&P’s .45 frames are CNC milled from a high-grade aluminum that anodizes beautifully. This is pretty much industry standard: nothing special, nothing wrong. P&P’s frames are available in both black anodized and chrome finish. The black is a pretty standard matte finish. The chrome is a gorgeous mirror-like surface.

Construction rating [3]


The actual performance you get from an Autococker’s trigger has more to do with how the ’gun is timed and tuned than it does with the actual components used. That said, this frame has all the features an airsmith requires to build and time any kind of trigger pull you like. The perfectly placed guide screws, addition of the rear guide, and perfect dimensioning give this frame the potential for a better trigger pull than any other .45 frame on the market.

As I said above, P&P’s .45 frames are installed in all Bad Boyz Toyz and P&P Autocockers. If that isn’t enough of a testament to good performance, I don’t know what is.

Performance/Versatility rating [4]


This frame retails for $69.99 in black, $79.99 in chrome. These prices are about average for .45 frames on the market right now. With the knowledge that you’re getting the best frame on the market, this is a pretty fair deal.

Price/Warranty rating [3]


P&P’s .45 frame for the Autococker may not offer a big-name company logo stylishly engraved in its side, but that’s the only thing it gives up to the competition. Its generic humdrum appearance conceals the best design and set of performance features currently available in an Autococker frame. The only thing that would make it better would be if it came with a set of guide screws and P&P internals (including their excellent chromed trigger plate).

The only problem you might have is finding one. These frames are continuously sold out, and most go into mega-buck signature series Autocockers.

All material at this site is © Ravi Chopra, 1999