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Extreme Rage 5-Pack

© Ravi Chopra, 1999

Yet another company has entered the fray with their own new paint-hauling pack. Extreme Rage has created a buttpack that differs in several ways from most of the other US entries in this segment.


The pack I was sent to review was Extreme Rage’s 5-pack. It features five down-facing tube pouches across the back. The pouches are made from a single strap sewn down to the webbed back to create tube-sized loops. Flaps hung down from the bottom and closed against the loops with Velcro. Unlike most packs, the Extreme Rage pack has open tops on the loops, so the tops of your tubes are visible above the tops of the loops. As a result, you can use this pack with tubes of any length: 100s, 140s, or even bigger if longer tubes become available. This also gives you the option of sticking your empties into the tops of the loops, making it easy to tell fresh tubes from empties.

The pack is held around your waist with 4.5" wide straps on both sides of the pack. Velcro on opposing sides of the straps fix them in place around your waist. The large contact area of the Velcro ensures that it won’t slip loose. The wide straps also make it easy for people of both slight and generous girth to find a good fit. The relatively small amount of material in the pack makes it light in weight and almost completely lacking in hard-points. The lack of plastic or metal buckles also improves comfort, as well as eliminating potential hard-points and pieces that can break.

On the whole, the Extreme Rage 5-pack is a nice design with some nice new features, but it doesn’t break any new ground.

Design rating [3.5]


The pack is made almost entirely from tough Cordura. The only part that isn’t is the back, which is a thinner, more flexible webbing. The parts are all heavily stitched together and should stand up well to long-term use and abuse.

Construction rating [4]


In use, I found the pack to be very comfortable and stable. The wide straps are quite effective in holding the pack firmly in place without shifting or bouncing even when crawling or running. The tube loops are tightly clustered for less exposure around your sides. If I had one complaint, it would be that the loops are rather tight and made it sometimes difficult to pull tubes out, especially in tight positions. They did seem to loosen up a bit with use, but it was still quite a bit tighter than most other packs on the market.

Performance/Versatility rating [3]


The MSRP for the Extreme Rage 5-pack is $55.99. This is about average for packs of this size and type. Extreme Rage warranties their pack for 1 year from the date of purchase and will replace any Extreme Rage pack that tears or comes apart.

Price/Warranty rating [3]


The Extreme Rage pack provides another good pack option for players. People who have a hard time finding a comfortable fit may find the Rage’s wide straps and vast expanse of Velcro to be an effective solution. On the other hand, it does not offer any kind of back-brace like other companies are starting to incorporate into their packs. The soft construction and total lack of hard points should appeal to tournament players, as should the ability to fit any size tube into its loops. It doesn’t break any new ground in features or comfort, but it does offer a unique constellation of features that many players will certainly find desirable.

All material at this site is © Ravi Chopra, 1999