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Paintball Games International Shorts for "Dope": April 2000

ANS 3D Phase II barrels

ANS’s 3D Phase II barrel was originally designed to go with their Generation-X Autocockers, but are now available seperately as well. These 12" dandies are available in both stainless steel and gloss-black-anodized aluminum and incorporate a three step design: 0.6865" near the breech, 0.6870" in the middle, and 0.6875" at the barrel end which has 4 straight rows of ports and a 4 slot muzzle break. With fresh, round paint they were dead-nuts accurate and cleared out with just a few shots after the few breaks I did experience. At this ID it will be too tight for larger paints like Nelson, but smaller paint shoots through it quite nicely. Cosmetically, I find them to be a bit busy, but some people like that "everything but the kitchen sink" look. At $69.95 and $89.95 respectively for the aluminum and stainless models, these are priced at about the middle of the pack. Well worth a look, particularly if your paintgun already has a bunch of other ANS parts.

ANS nitrogen fill-nipple cover

These ANS guys are clever. Just about everyone who’s bought one of those neat little snap-on covers for their nitro system fill nipples has had one walk off at some time or another. You’re always having to pop the things off and on when getting your system filled and they’re entirely too easy to forget or have stolen. ANS has a great solution. They’ve attached a little springy coil to the cover which is also attached to a ring that goes around the base of the nipple. Just pop it off and let it hang. If you forget to put it back on, it goes with the ’gun! Add to that a tiny foam insert that ensures that your nipple will stay clean and clear even when the whole ’gun is pretty well doused and you’ve got a winner of a product. And at $9.95, it’s cheaper than many fill covers alone.

ANS threaded timing rod for the Autococker

The new stock Autococker may come with a threaded timing rod, but there are still a lot of older Autocockers out there that would still be better off if fitted with one of these nifty gadgets.

ANS Automag upgrades

Venturi bolt:

Yes, they still make it. ANS continues to offer their 8-hole, foamy tipped, venturi bolt for the Classic Automag. Frankly, I haven’t found this to perform any better than the stock foamieless bolt, and some people even think it breaks more paint. Fanatics who feel they must upgrade every part of their ’gun will probably want it. At $39.95, it ain’t cheap but won’t break the bank either.

Phase II Air Valve:

ANS’ replacement for the Automag AIR valve back end takes the old 8-hole mod to a whole new level. Rather than just drilling holes, ANS has cut two enormous half-moons out, leaving just enough metal to hold the reg seat in place. I’ve always considered these mods to be of questionable value, but I’m starting to change my mind. Some Automags work just great out of the box, while others are starve-out nightmares. My test ’mag is just one of those nightmares. Installation of the Phase II Air Valve helped things tremendously. If your Automag has intractable shoot-down problems, this just might be the answer to your prayers. It’s polished stainless steel, easy to install, but rather pricy at $59.95.

High-flow on/off top:

For the longest while, custom on/off tops for the Automag were all the rage. Now that things have cooled off in that arena, ANS has come out with their own brass top. It’s a pretty standard design that should provide less resistance to flow than the current valve top. It worked just fine in my Automag providing a bit of improvement over my old stock top. At $9.95 though, it’s a steal, undercutting the competition by a wide margin.

ANS Autococker pneumatics

Jackhammer 2 regulator:

The latest version of the Jackhammer regulator for the Autococker has finally been updated. This sculpted reg comes with an adjustment knob, single-color anodizing, Automag internals for easy repair, and now, finally, a teflon insert to keep the knob from backing out during use. It’s a good reg at $54.95.

Stainless steel mini-ram:

As much as it was known for it’s tiny size, this ram was once known for it’s leak problems. No longer. ANS has finally perfected the Mini-Ram so you can now install one on your Autococker with the knowledge that it will work well. This ram is the smallest sold for the Autococker today and has an exceptionally smooth action. This comes at an operating pressure trade-off since it’s smaller diameter means it needs more pressure to deliver the same force as a larger ram. People usually buy them because they look cool. Now you can buy it because it works well. $34.95.

ANS 3-way valve:

ANS has sculpted their 1-piece 3-way to match the curvy looks of the Jackhammer. They’ve also tightened up tolerances to offer smooth action without the leaks it was once known for. It has a shorter throw than the stock valve, allowing a shorter trigger pull when timed by an experienced airsmith. Reasonably priced at $24.95.

Palmer Autococker pneumatics

Micro-Rock regulator:

The Micro-Rock is Palmer’s latest iteration of his famous Rock regulator for the Autococker. It has the exact same regulator components found in Palmer’s full-size Rock, but eliminates the overpressure-relief valve (a feature unique to the full-size Rock) which isn’t really needed in todays low-pressure Autocockers. What’s the advantage? It’s now about 1/2 the length of the Rock and costs about $5 less. Available in Nickel and colors at added cost. As always, with Palmer’s lifetime warranty. $52 retail.

QuickRam pneumatic cylinder:

Rounding out Palmer’s Autococker front-end offerings is the QuickRam, a stainless steel ram designed for over 1,00,000 trouble-free cycles. It offers smooth, fast action coupled with a tight air-seal, guaranteed to maximize efficiency without sacrificing either speed or durability. With nickeled ends, it nicely matches Palmer’s other front-end components. My current fave, but also the most expensive ram on the market at $48.

Full Palmer Front-block:

Palmer-philes will be happy to hear that he now offers a full, mounted front-end package for the Autococker including the Rock regulator, QuickSwitch 4-way valve, and QuickRam. The components come mounted on a front-block, hoses attached, and new front-block screw included. $200 with the regular Rock, $190 with Micro-Rock.

Angel Ring trigger

Angel Ring triggerCustom Angel triggers have become more and more popular, but most are simple 2-finger trigger designs. The Kutrubes’ have stepped out of the mold with the Angel "Ring" Trigger; a 2-finger design in which the lower finger portion is formed into a ring. Those who like it seem to dig the different look and some think they shoot faster resting their finger on the outside of the ring. In addition, the trigger comes with both trigger adjustment screws to allow you to set both the fire point and the back-stop for an ultra-short pull. The only downside is having to cut your trigger guard off and that most aftermarket 2-finger guards don’t fit over it. It’s a cool, custom part that will definitely set your Angel apart from the rest of the pack.

STO ram

STO ramWGP’s solid STO ram is now available as an aftermarket upgrade for any Autococker! The lastest version of the STO ram comes with an Aluminum body that can be anodized to match your ’gun or be plated in gorgeous chrome. It’s front hose-barb is on a swivel fitting to allow maximum freedom in hose placement. This is one of my two favorite rams for the Autococker. It’s fast, durable, rebuildable, rock-solid, and looks cool.

Millennium coiled remote hose

This hose has been in the making for years. A few years back, Pro-Team set the standard with their original Viper coiled remote hose. It was superior to other springy remotes in just about every way. Now with their new Millennium hose, Pro-Team has raised the bar even higher. The Millennium hose is made from bullet-proof kevlar for superior strength. How much strength? Try on a 3000 psi operating pressure and a burst pressure of 12,000 psi! That means that even if your 3000 psi nitro system’s reg fails completely and feeds full tank pressure to the hose, you’re still working within safe limits (for the hose at least — no guarantees about your paintgun!). With that kind of strength, straight, unregulated CO2 is no problem at all. Another great improvement is the small diameter of the coil. A lot of coiled remote systems these days use large diameter hose coiled into a wide spiral that can be big, uncomfortable, and obtrusive. The Millennium remote retains the small diameter of the original Viper hose and reduces the diameter of the coil to about the size of a US quarter. Finally, they’ve dramatically shortened the length of the hose. It’s tight coil is short enough that it will stay tucked in tight to your side no matter how short your arms might be, while easily stretching to whatever length you Yeti-sized giants might need. These hoses are available both alone and as part of Pro-Team’s excellent remote system. The Millennium costs a little more than other systems on the market, but the improved strength and compact size make it more than worth the extra investment.

Armson Stealth barrels

Armson’s barrels have always been known for good performance. Their funky internal spiral rifling always made for a seriously accurate barrel in short and mid-range shots, particularly with blowback and blow-forward paintguns with which I’ve always found them to be a great match. The only problem was that they sounded like cannons. I’m convinced that Armson’s old 8" barrels were among the loudest barrels ever made for paintball. People 20 ft. away were in serious jeopardy of rupturing their eardrums. Seeking to shed their old image, boost performance, and redefine their look, Armson has come out with a new barrel called the "Stealth" barrel. Like the original Armson, the Stealth keeps the internal spiral rifling. To up the ante, they added several rows of ports down near the barrel end. These ports bring the Armson’s noise level from deafening down to a quiet whisper without robbing them of performance. I tried these new barrels on both a Westwood Autococker and Dark Angel and found them to be quite good, particularly with small paint. You’d expect the internal rifling to make clearing a break a nightmarish chore, but I actually found them to clear fairly effectively, though not as quickly or as well as smooth-bore barrels. You’ll need a pull-through squeegie to get best performance back after a nasty break. Finishing things up are a new swoopy, alienish form-factor that puts the stodgy original barrels to shame.

Model 98 thumb screws

Model 98 owners rejoice. Pro-Team is now selling a set of thumb-screws for the Model 98. These polished stainless screws replace the stock screws and allow you to strip the ’gun down without tools. The only catch is the one screw that hides behind the grips, and of course the grips themselves that need an allen wrench to remove before the M98 can be broken down. Look good, work well, a useful time-saver.

Drop-forward bottom-line

This relatively standard, two-hole bottom-line ASA comes mounted on Pro-Team’s excellent new drop-forward boom. This drop-forward can also be used to mount any standard bottom-line mount, including nitrogen systems, cradles, and stocks. On the Model 98, it shifts a 20 oz tank forward to a much more comfortable position.

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