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  • Westwood-milled center feed body with a bit of extra milling
  • Blue-Clear Fade anodizing with counter-fade splash
  • Matching 14" and 16" DYE Boomsticks
  • P&P .45 frame w/Hogue grips
  • 2-finger trigger shoe
  • LAPCO threaded timing rod
  • Bad Boyz Toyz Trigger-job
    • Front trigger guide
    • Rear trigger guide (superior to bending the sear)
    • Trigger stop
    • Chrome trigger-plate
    • Close timing (3 mm pull)
  • Ultra-thin back block with twist-lock
  • Shocktech "Alien" venturi bolt
  • KAPP stainless steel velocity adjuster
  • Modified stock hammer with locking screw
  • RAT II valve
  • Titanium rods
  • Shocktech chrome, milled STO front-block
  • Shocktech low pressure chamber
  • Best of the best front-end pneumatics
    • Shocktech FGP chrome regulator
    • QuickRam pneumatic cylinder
    • Shocktech "The Bomb" 4-way valve

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