The low pressure regulator is the larger cylinder under the ram at the front of the 'gun. It regulates the pressure to the autococking system down to about 100 psi (full tank pressure would blow out your ram). They all pretty much work the same.

Stock WGP Sledgehammer

Thankfully, W'Orr Games had enough of a clue to replace the original amazingly lousy regulator with the Sledgehammer, now included as stock equipment on every Autococker. Though the Sledge is commonly referred to as a "self-adjusting" regulator, it isn't. In actuality, it is just factory set at a relatively high-pressure to allow the Autococker to function adequately in most conditions. While it's output pressure can be adjusted, it requires you disconnect the low pressure hose and unscrew it in half. A nut in the free end adjusts output pressure. Despite it's only mediocre performance, every single person I know who has one of these loves it because of it's ruggedness, reliability, and idiot-proof functionality. Though I've heard stories about these things blowing out, I have yet to meet a single person to whom that has actually happened. For the vast majority of people, the Sledgehammer is the right reg to have. For those who have high-end trigger jobs and those who like to twiddle around with their triggers a lot, an externally adjustable reg is a better choice.

Belsales Twister Kit

The Twister Kit from Belsales/Smart Parts is an external adjustment kit for the Sledgehammer. It replaces the Sledge's front cap and has a small adjustment knob in front. A note: it adjusts in the exact opposite manner from other adjustable regulators; screwing it out turns the pressure up and screwing it in turns it down. I had this kit on my Evolution Minicocker for a long while and it worked perfectly. The only caveat is that it doesn't adjust over as large a range as the Rock does. Very large pressure changes still require disassembly of the regulator and adjustment of its internal nut. If you have a Sledgehammer on your 'cocker and would like to be able to adjust the pneumatics' pressure, this is a less expensive way to go than replacing the entire regulator with a Rock or Jackhammer. I've completed an article for PCRI about this kit. You can find it here.

ANS Jackhammer

The Jackhammer is the ANS reg that has taken a significant part of the market the Rock first staked out (and still dominates). It is shorter than the Rock and comes with an adjusting knob for easy pressure setting. The big advantage of the Jackhammer is that it shares many internals with the Automag AIR valve. What this means is, if you start having problems with the reg, you can replace the internals yourself with the common replacement parts for the Automag! This is completely unique since the Rock and Sledgehammer can not be self-serviced and have to be returned to the manufacturers for repair if they break. I had the opportunity to try one of these out on a Twister Autococker I tested recently. It performed perfectly with no problems.

Palmer's Rock

Palmer's Rock regulator has been the professional standard for many years now. The Rock offers the most consistent pressure delivery, the highest regulated storage volume, and is externally adjustable with either an allen wrench or $3 knob. It also has an over pressure relief valve to protect your ram and low pressure hoses (a feature offered by no other reg on the market). You set it once at the beginning of the day and run all day. If there's a pressure drop, you give the knob a little twist and you're up and running again. What I like about it is that I have greater ease of control over the output pressure. I know where it's set. I know I'm not going to overpressurize the system and blow out my hoses. And I can tune it specifically to run my ram at minimum pressure and allow me to use my very light trigger springs. Palmer's now offers a Micro-Rock which is about 1/2 the length of the regular Rock and just excludes the overpressure relief. If you run a low pressure Autococker you really don't need the overpressure valve anyhow and the Micro-Rock is actually cheaper than it's full-sized brother.

Shocktech FGP Regulator

The latest offering from the Shocktech Skunkworks is the FGP reg. It looks a lot like a Rock reg, but falls between the full-size Rock and Micro-Rock in length. It comes with an adjusting knob and can be unscrewed in half to replace the valve (a modified Schraeder pin) if it goes bad. I've replaced my Micro-Rock with one of these and have been very happy with the performance so far. It seems to recharge a bit faster than the Rock and works really nicely with the awesome Shocktech 4-way. Every bit as good as a Rock, but with an included knob and the ability to service it yourself if a problem arises gives this reg the small edge.

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