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P&P Custom Autococker Blocks (front and back)

© Ravi Chopra, 1998

Most people know that P&P makes custom Autocockers. Less known is the fact that they manufacture a huge number of upgrade parts for the Autococker as well. Though the great majority of these parts are bought by other custom shops and distributors for incorporation into their own custom ’guns, they are also available for direct purchase by individuals looking to give their own ’gun a lighter weight or more custom look. The two parts I was given for consideration were P&P’s lightweight curvy-cut back-block and pool-cut front block.


Both of the blocks are manufactured from Aluminum. Where they contact or interact with stock Autococker components, they are cut, drilled, and tapped to appropriate WGP specifications so they can be quickly and easily installed on any Autococker with no compatibility problems.

The back block is cut down quite a bit smaller than the stock block and narrows down stylishly in back to meet the bolt for a nice visual effect. The front-block has large "swimming-pool" nuggets milled out of its sides, reducing weight and producing a unique visual effect.

Both the front and back blocks are available in black-anodized and chrome finishes. The black finish on the back block was noticeably flatter than that of the front block which was very glossy, probably due to better polishing. The chrome finish on both was superb — a perfectly polished mirror-like surface.

Design/Construction rating [4]


I will go so far as to say that these parts do have an excellent pedigree. As well as appearing on all P&P-built Autocockers, Bad Boyz Toyz and other custom shops use them on their top-of-the-line Autocockers as well.

Beyond that, it’s rather difficult to judge the performance and versatility of parts that are meant only to be cosmetic upgrades. Suffice it to say, they perform just as well as the stock parts without either hampering performance or providing any novel or new features.

Performance/Versatility rating [3]


The price of the back block is $19.99, $24.99 in chrome. The front block runs $49.99 in black, $59.99 in chrome. These prices may seem high for purely cosmetic upgrades, but they are about on-par with other stock and aftermarket back and front blocks. At this price, the P&P parts offer a unique look and noticeably superior finish.

Warranty/Price rating [3]

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