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The Autococker Infosheet


4-way valves:



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Paintgun Reviews Tech and Accessories Tech and Accessories

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Paintgun Reviews Tech and Accessories Tech and Accessories

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Blowback Blowout!
  1. Belsales Inferno
  2. Brass Eagle Raptor series
    (Silver Eagle and Raptor Extreme)
  3. Core One
  4. Delta
  5. Diablo Joker series
  6. Kingman Spyder TL
  7. National GT 2000
  8. PMI Piranha G-2 series
    (VTL, BL, STS, and Pro)
  9. Sheridan XTS
  10. Tippmann Model 98
  11. Venom
Blowback Blowout 2 (NEW)
  1. ACI F4 Illustrator (NEW)
  2. AMC Diamond GT (NEW)
  3. Brass Eagle Stingray II (NEW)
  4. Genie (NEW)
  5. ICD Thundercat (NEW)
  6. Kingman Spyder Classic (NEW)
  7. Kingman Spyder 2000 (NEW)
  8. Kingman Spyder SE (NEW)
  9. Kingman Spyder Shutter (NEW)
  10. Pro Power Scorpion (NEW)
  11. PMI Piranha G-2 EXT (NEW)

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Paintball Games International Shorts for "Dope"

November 2000 Contents (NEW)
Shocktech FGP Regulator
Shocktech "Bomb" 4-way
Shocktech milled front-block
Shocktech Superfly bolt
Shocktech cocking rod
Shocktech RAT valve 3:16
Shocktech bottom-line
Shocktech Alien bolt for Spyder
Shocktech Paintgun stand
Vortex Paint
Bluez Packs
Pro-LIne Eliminator gloves
Wicked Mpulse Ref Jersey
Pro-LIne Z-Drop-forwards
Pro-LIne CO-2000 regulator
Colored 90º elbows
Stone Cold II Diamond barrel
LAPCO 0.697" BigShot
PMI Pure-Energy In-line reg
PMI Pure-Energy HPA systems
R&D Mach II Rail
R&D Barrel Plugs
10 hr. Insect repellant
Colored grip screws
Mega-line hose kit
Cocker trigger-stop screw
Brass cocker detent
Rock reg locking screw
Shocker power-switch

April 2000 Contents
ANS 3D Phase II barrels
ANS nitrogen fill-nipple cover
ANS threaded timing rod for the Autococker
ANS Automag upgrades
ANS Autococker pneumatics
Palmer Autococker pneumatics
Angel Ring trigger
STO ram
Millennium coiled remote hose
Armson Stealth barrels
Model 98 thumb screws
Drop-forward bottom-line

SEPTEMBER 1999 Contents
Gabriel chip for Angel
Shocktech Angel bolt
Bad Boyz Toyz squeegie strap
JT barrel plugs
JT "Game On!" video
Z-valve on-off
KAPP cradles
Exhaust valve mod for Angel

JUNE 1999 Contents
LAPCO barrel adapters
Angry 4-way
KAPP 4-way
QuickSwitch 4-way
KAPP Angel vertical ASA
KAPP beavertail
KAPP stainless Autococker velocity screw
KAPP stainless Autococker exhaust valve
KAPP stainless valve retention screw
KAPP custom Autococker vertical ASA
KAPP swiveling elbows
KAPP Angel bolt
KAPP 'mag forgrip-extender
Shocktech Spyder springs
Shocktech Autococker low-P chamber
Shocktech beavertail

MAY 1999 Contents
Shocktech Autococker bolt
Shocktech Spyder bolt
Shocktech Spyder low-P chamber
Custom Autococker back-blocks
Angel wall charger
T-handle screws for elbows
LAPCO barrels
LAPCO thumb adjusters
HSI 1st aid kits
Smart Parts drop-forward
Smart Parts universal Gadget-grip
Angel VL adapters
Angel low-P chambers

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