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I have no interest in linking to every singe web page out there. I link to sites that have information that I think is very useful or offer superior or unique services. If you think you fit that description and would like me to consider your page for inclusion on this links page, e-mail me at ravi at paintballravi dot com with your URL. If I decide to link to your site, I'll e-mail you back for the banner.

If I have your link here already but I don't have your banner up, please e-mail it to me (at ravi at paintballravi dot com). No huge banners, please. I'd like to keep this page fast-loading.

Owner's groups, congratulations, you have free admission. Please e-mail me (at ravi at paintballravi dot com) your links and banners!

Ravi's Paintball Place

Awesome Sites

  • Paintball Games International: No list would be complete without the link to the publisher of the majority of my articles, and the magazine of which I am the Technical Editor. The best paintball magazine around.

  • Warpig
    The original, ultimate, on-line paintball resource. It has pretty much everything you need to know to get started in the sport called paintball.

  • Durty
    The original rebel rec-baller, Durty Dan's paintball website. Includes all his articles, tips, tricks and jokes for the rec player. Nice site.

Cool companies

  • Yes, I have a small store up on the web now. Everything is actually handled by other parties, but I get a small commission. This is one way you can help keep this web site free of entry fees and banners. You can find gear, apparel, and paintball magazine subscriptions here.

  • Rage Sports
    "We don't play nice." What a motto. Michigan's newest and finest extreme sports store.

    A new affiliate of mine. Use this link to get there and make a purchase and I get a small commission. If you don't want to buy from my on-line store, doing this will help support this site as well.

  • Digitalinet: the new host and domain-name provider of this site. Great services and reasonable prices for site hosting and web consulting. Simple to use, quick, and provide great service. Highly recommended.

  • Bad Boyz Toyz: can now be visited at the local site I have set up or at their own official page. Very cool. Includes info on Aftershock, the Badlandz, and the stores. You can find articles about countless products of theirs at my Articles & Infosheets page.

  • Warped Sportz: purveyors of the excellent Dark Angel.

  • Smart Parts: makers of the best nitro system and packs out there. Good barrels too. You can find articles about all sorts of cool Smart Parts stuff at my Ariticles & Infosheets page.

  • Makers of the best Automag and RT upgrades and accessories that I know of. Truly awesome stuff.

    Makers of the best barrels and timing rods out there. Lots of other cool stuff too.

  • Palmer's Pursuit Shop: creators of the Rock, Stabilizer, Blazer, Typhoon, etc, etc, etc.

  • W'Orr Game Products: creator of the Autococker, Minicocker, and STO.

  • Boston Paintball Supply: creator of the extreme Twister Autococker.

  • Wildside Paintball: Michigan local, builder of extreme low pressure Autocockers.

  • Kick Ass Paintball Products (KAPP): makes lots of cool accessories for all sorts of paintguns.

  • MAG Sport & Design: Swedish manufacturer of some cool paintball stuff.

  • Six's Airsmith Shop: people always ask me where they can pick up airsmithing tools and supplies for trigger jobs, tuning, etc. Finally, here's a place set up just to supply airsmiths. Check them out. They've got some good stuff.

  • PB Sports
    Paintball Guns and supplies. Specializing in custom markers. My thanks to them for setting me up with the Model 98 so I can test accessories. Check them out. They have a nice on-line shop.

  • G3 Paintball
    Very possibly the best on-line paintball store around. This professional site is easy to navigate, has pictures of everything, offers superb prices, and carries a huge selection.

  • Great Lakes Divecenter: nice guys. They give me air.

Excellent Owners' Groups

Cool Teams

  • Nice guys, some from my highly successful 5-man team back in the day (Assisted Suicide/Havoc). I hook up with them for tournaments sometimes. Don't ask me to post your team site here. This will be the only one.
Go out there and have big fun.

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