Bad Boyz Toyz

17913 South Torrence Ave., Lansing, IL 60438
(708) 418-8888

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Providing the best in tournament level paintgun performance and cosmetic customization. All work done by master airsmith and Aftershock member Danny Love.

Custom Autocockers

Base Autococker includes: cut block, stainless steel cocking rod and pump arm, beaver tail, ball-bearing ball detent.

Prices (Package/Modify existing 'gun)

Stage I ($598.99/$169)

  • Rock Regulator with knob
  • Trigger job
  • Stainless steel threaded timing rod
  • Venturi Bolt
Stage II ($765.99/$345)
  • Stage I work
  • DYE stainless steel barrel
  • Bottom-line
  • Steel-braided hose
  • Nickel-plated 90° elbow
  • Male reducer
  • Nickel-plated quick disconnect
Stage III ($1085.99/$675)
  • Stage II work
  • Adjustable trigger pull
  • Adjustable cocking lug
  • Pro-Hammer kit
  • Autolock
  • Feed-port vents
  • R.A.T. valve
  • Uni-Reg

Custom Spyders

Performance Upgrade ($99)
  • Trigger rework
  • Field-strip mods
  • Rear-cocking conversion
  • Polished striker
  • Reworked valve
  • 1-piece back block
  • 20% off any other Spyder add-on!

Custom Automags

Danny Love

Autococker Upgrades

Adjustable cocking lug: $30
Adjustable trigger pull: $35
Ball detent (your choice): $30
Clippard ram: $34.95
Double-finger trigger shoe: $35.95 ($50.95 installed)
Feed extender: $19.99
Feed port vents: $15
Pro-Hammer kit: $39.99
Rock regulator: $57.50
Trigger-job: $49.95
P-block: $65
Twist-lock block: $65
Twist-lock P-block: $99.99
Tune-up: $19.99
Plus every other Autococker upgrade part available!

Custom Mill Work

Custom milling cost approx. $75 to $125 depending on the amount of work involved. Typical work includes shark gills, tapered sight rail, rounded edges, miscellaneous surface milling. You may also submit a drawing of the milling you would like and we'll try to duplicate it as closely as possible.

Custom Anodizing

Pricing depends on the number of colors and the number of pieces anodized.
Single color: approx. $150
Two color splash: approx. $200
Three color splash: approx. $250

Custom Sovereigns

The Badlandz

Renick Miller
Paintball Park
(708) 418-3335

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