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This paintgun was stolen from my team's car at Skydome '99! If anyone has information about it, please contact me by e-mail immediately. Any help that results in recovery of the 'gun and/or prosecution of the thief will be rewarded.

Westwood Autococker, serial number 42712 stamped on the right side of the gun body just behind the front block.

It has the following upgrades:

  • Westwood-milled center feed body with a bit of extra milling
  • Fade anodizing with counter-fade splash
  • Matching 16" DYE Boomstick
  • Ultra-thin back block with twist-lock (custom-milled knob)
  • New Bad Boyz Toyz Shocktech venturi bolt
  • P&P .45 frame w/Hogue grips
  • Bad Boyz Toyz Trigger-job
    • Front trigger guide
    • Rear trigger guide (superior to bending the sear)
    • Trigger stop
    • Levelled and polished contact surfaces
    • Close timing (3 mm pull)
  • 2-finger trigger shoe
  • LAPCO threaded timing rod
  • Titanium rods
  • Chromed Rock regulator with custom-milled knob
  • Polished chrome stock ram
  • Polished chrome 4-way
  • Modified stock hammer with locking screw
  • RAT II valve
  • Stainless steel front-block screw
  • P&P milled front-block

For a high-resolution, close-up pic of the stolen Westwood, click here.

Note the extra milling to the Rock and twist-lock knobs and the vertical ASA. Also note the ultra-thin back block and wire-nubbin detent. These things together make this paintgun unique and not-difficult to recognise. The matching Boomstick barrel was not stolen with the 'gun, so it is likely floating around with a different barrel now.

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